Update 2017: New additions

Indiana University
Courtesy of the Lilly Library,
Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana)

Between July of 2016 and January of 2017, it has been possible to add descriptions of six new leaves of FOL 47 to this site. We are grateful for the kindness and cooperation of curators and librarians at the Buffalo & Erie Public Library, the Lilly Library at Indiana University, the Morgan Library, the New York State Library, the Stony Brook University Libraries, and the Toledo Museum of Art.

These additions represent the last leaves of FOL 47 whose locations are presently known to scholarship.  However, our reconstruction still represents only a small fraction of the original manuscript.  News of any additional leaves would be greatly welcomed: please contact Lisa Fagin Davis with any questions or information.  One resource that may be of assistance is Professor Davis' recently released Ege Field Guide, an online tool to aid in the identification of separated manuscript leaves from Otto Ege portfolios.

A discussion of how these new leaves have enriched our analysis of FOL 47 is available in our exhibit Learning from New Additions.  

Katherine Bonamo Philbin
February 2017



Update 2017: New additions