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Book of Hours, FOL 47


The text is from the prayer "Obsecro te" (I beseech thee). It begins mid prayer.

Fourteen lines of text written in Gothic script on both the recto and verso beginning below top line. Lined in red.

The border is composed of a rectangle with a decorative motif of waves and triangles framing sprays of flowers. It is colored predominantly in blue, red and gold with green, yellow and white used to accentuate the flower sprays.


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Late 15th century, Northern France or the Low Countries.


Jennifer Gray


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Manuscript leaf, Book of Hours




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Manuscript leaf


Recto transcription: …pere humanam carnem accipere in venerabilissimo utero tuo, et in quibus te respexit quando te commendavit sancto Ioanne apostolo et evangelista, et quando te exaltavit super choros angelorum, et per illam sanctam ineffabilem humilitatem qua respondisti Archangelo Gabrieli, Ecce ancilla Domini. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. Et…

Recto translation: accept human flesh in thy most venerable womb and which He saw in thee when He commended thee to St. John the apostle and evangelist, and when He exalted thee over the choirs of angels, and through that holy ineffable humility with which thou didst respond to the Archangel Gabriel, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done according to thy word." And...

Verso transcription: ...per illa sanctissima quindecim gaudia que habuisti de filio tuo domino nostro ihesu xpristo. Et per illam sanctam maximam compassionem et accerbissimum cordis dolorem quem habuisti quando vidisti filium tuum dominum nostrum iesum xpristum ante crucem nudatum et in ipsa levatum vidisti pendentem crucifixum vulneratum sicientem fel apponi hely clamantem audisti...

Verso translation: ...I beseech thee through those most holy fifteen joys that thou didst have in thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and through that holy, great compassion and most bitter sorrow thou didst have when thou didst see our Lord Jesus Christ nude, lifted upon the cross, hanging, crucified, wounded, thirsty, served gall, heard Him cry out Eli...

incipit…pere humanam carnem in venerabilissimo utero…/explicit… vulneratum sicientem fel apponi hely clamantem audisti


Kent State University Recto
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